TV – El Pachá responds to David Ortiz and Tony Dandrades about comments from Dominican TV

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“You have to talk to David about curves, straight lines and you have to talk about how to form a player because David has never done a television program and we respect Tony’s friend because he has been on television for 20 years doing the same, so he cannot have different results ”, Frederick Martínez (El Pachá) responded to“ Big Papi ”David Ortiz and Tony Dandrades, who described what is being done on Dominican television as a“ disaster ”.

The Pachá did not remain silent before the statements in “I like it at night” of the former Major League baseball player and possible Cooperstown about what is done on the national small screen, so through his space “Pegate and Win” he answered the Dominicans.

“He (David), whom I love and respect, cannot speak about Dominican television because he has never done a program,” while he told Dandrades that: “so if it is easy to interview an artist they will write to you. the script, that they give you the cameraman, lighting technician, that they edit it and everything has to be approved from the script to the questions that are going to be asked ”.

Martinez commented to Tony, in addition. What: “How can you talk about television and content, when in a normal week you do not generate even five minutes of content. You make notes of Maximum 1:30 from Monday to Friday and not all of them go on the air due to the changes of the last minutes in relation to the news that occurs on a day-to-day basis. ”

In this sense, the Pachá, who declared himself a fan of Ortiz, said that “David has to stop, he has to stop”, at the same time, which he assured is the second time he has called on the Major League Baseball player.

“It is the second time that I make a call to him, he has to stop, after the conflict he had with Cristian Casablanca, and now another conflict where he says that Dominican TV is a disaster. David, you were on the verge of death, God made a miracle in your life, we mourned you, we loved you, we respected you, learn to know yourself. Don’t you know what your dimension is? ”.

Martínez said that Dominican television is the best in the world. “Big Fox producers, NBC have made it known because of the limitations and the low budget. Here we work with bare hands, we have improved ”.

He argued that in Latin America there is no channel with the “connotation and dimension” of what there is in the country.

“There is no telepronter talk here like the US,” said Pachá, highlighting his work for Latino networks in the American Union: Univision and Telemundo.

El Pachá cited as examples: Noticias SIN, El Informe with Alicia Ortega, Dominicana’s Got Talent, Con Jatnna, and Pégate y Gana con el Pachá, a popular and social space, just to mention some local television projects.

“The Rhythm of Saturday, without fear of being wrong, has been the best program that Dominican TV has done for the revolution it made in the 1990s,” he said.

He added that the scenery, boompers, post-production, interviews, reports, segments, of the television show positioned him as one of the best in the country.

“In my case I have 32 people in a production office and 200 people in a tv studio.”

Pégate y Gana con el Pachá is broadcast every Saturday by Color Vision (channel 9) for the national territory; while for the entire United States it arrives through Dominican Television from 12 to 4 in the afternoon.



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