TV show with US Vice President Kamala Harris suddenly interrupted

Strange scene on a US talk show where US Vice President Kamala Harris was supposed to be interviewed. In the middle of the program, two presenters suddenly left their seats.

Corona caused a bizarre scene on a well-known US talk show: Actually, the program “The View” was supposed to be Vice President on Friday morning (local time) Kamala Harris interviewed live in the New York studio. In the middle of the broadcast, the two presenters Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were suddenly asked to leave the set. The two women got up and disappeared.

The moderator Joy Behar and Sara Haines stayed behind. “We’ll tell you why in a few minutes,” said moderator Behar. “Shall I introduce the Vice President now?” She asked. “Yes”, called a voice from the off – for only a few seconds it was said very vehemently: “No!” Behar was visibly irritated and first said goodbye to advertising. “As we always do on TV when we’re in a tight spot: we’ll be right back.”

Harris was eventually hooked up

What happened? Hostin and Navarro had been tested for the coronavirus before the broadcast – and these tests were positive. According to media reports, Harris had no contact with the moderators. In the end, however, she was only switched to the studio for the interview. “Sunny and Ana are strong women and I know they are fine,” Harris said in an interview. But it is also good to know that they have been vaccinated. “Because otherwise we’d be worried about hospital stays and worse.”


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