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The locked door makes the whole family crazy. Behind it hides Mike – and has been for weeks. "Hikikomori" is the phenomenon in Japan: people who lock themselves at home and break off contact with the outside world. Mike is also a hikokomori.

He obviously wants his calm, wants to avoid the daily routine – and thus burdened his played by Bjarne girl and Bibiana Beglau parents and his sister Miriam (Emma Bading) all the more. They go in the sensitive drama "1000 types of rain to describe" (Wednesday, 22.55 clock, Arte), the ideas of how to deal with Mike – and lose themselves increasingly from the view.

The door behind which Mike hides has become a recurring meeting place for this family. Father Thomas likes to react, Mother Susanne provides the son with her dishes and Mike's sister Miriam would like to discuss all the problems of youth with someone who is also experiencing her. But Mike is silent, communicates only cryptically with notes. "Greece. Long-lasting front rain. Stormy."

His three family members long shared the shame about the events at home – and the helplessness. Their environment should not notice, their performance should not suffer from the high mental pressure, under which they stand – it is the opposite way to that of Mike. But the longer the withdrawal lasts, the more the situation threatens to escalate. So what do you do with a teenager who completely avoids personal contacts?

The oppressive mood, the helplessness, the approaching loss of control, all this is captured by director Isa Prahl (41) in her successful long-film debut with strong feelings. Bjarne Mädel (51, "Tatortreiniger") and Burgtheater actress Bibiana Beglau (48), with their theatrical achievements, ensure that their parents' emotions – from anger to despair – really come close. Even for the spectator here is no rescuing shore in sight, the situation seems hopeless. And so, of all things, "Hikikomori," the isolation of everything, captivates everyone.

Special praise goes to Emma Bading (21, "Play"), honored this year with her Hessian Television Award, for her portrayal of the daughter, who in the middle of puberty – between childish naivety and youthful urgency – was thrown off track by family problems becomes. Similar to the parents you can also suffer with her and feel the despair. In addition, their development provides suspense: It remains open for a long time, whether you ever get to face Mike or his sister even farewell to the outside world.


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