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8:15 pm, cable one, 16 blocks, Copthriller

Policeman Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis) just wants to go home and have a drink. At 8:02, however, he gets a seemingly simple job: The petty criminal Eddie Bunker (Mos Def) is to testify at 10 clock before a committee of inquiry and must be brought from his cell to the courthouse. In 15 minutes the thing would be done, but suddenly everything goes wrong. A life-threatening trip begins for Mosley and Bunker.

20:15, the first, veterinarian dr. Mertens, family series

The mood in the workforce is tense after the dismissal of top animal keeper Conny (Thorsten Wolf). The carers fear that they will be the next victims of Dr. Amal Bekeles (Dennenesch Zoudé) could be personnel policy and rehearse the uprising. Meanwhile, Susanne (Elisabeth Lanz) meets with Conny to find out why he quit. Can she win him back for the Leipzig Zoo?

20:15, VOX, The Cave of the Lions, founder show

Gerd Wolfinger (50) and Roland Huber (50) have developed "HomeShadows", a device designed to protect against burglars. Using a patented technology, shadow movements in the room are simulated, giving the impression that someone is at home. The founders are so convinced of their invention that they want to extend patent protection. For 100,000 euros, a "lion" could get involved. Will there be a deal?

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World News :

8:15 pm, arte, S.O.S. Amazon – Apocalypse in the rainforest, documentary

Flames have devastated the Amazon rainforests of Brazil this summer. When the green lung of the world burns, experts and international politicians startle. For the protection of the world's unique ecosystem is of existential importance. The documentation examines the current ecological and humanitarian catastrophe.

22:50, Tele 5, The Double – Ice Cold Duel, Thriller

Ex-CIA spy Paul (Richard Gere) is retired. Paul is back in the game when a Russian agent, whom he once frowned upon, is suddenly supposed to be back in business. Together with his young colleague Ben (Topher Grace) he is to find the murderer of a senator. The perpetrator acts quite clearly like the dead Russian. How can that be?


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