TVE back to betting on political debate during prime time

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Spanish Television will recover the debates next September, which will be broadcast in the prime time slot of La 1 by Lluís Guilera, current editor and presenter, along with Lara Siscar, of the newscasts of the weekend.

“Guilera has printed in the news on Saturday and Sunday a seal of quality and empathy with the interests of the viewers that has paid off in audience ratings,” the public corporation explained in a statement.

Likewise, RTVE has highlighted that “that same stamp is the one that the journalist wants to print to the new program” that he will direct and lead from September on Saturday nights, just after “Weekly Report”.

RTVE announced on Monday that the new space, which will be broadcast live from the TVE studios in Catalonia, will analyze the current issues of the week with experts and their protagonists, will address the debate on the issues that most concern citizens and it will review in a pleasant way the political and social chronicle. .


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