TVE’s pfia in its Goya broadcast on Facebook: sexist comments are leaked about the guests

RTVE has condemned the sexist comments which were broadcast this Saturday during the Facebook Live broadcast of the previous red carpet of the Goya Awards. State public television has opened an information file and identified the exact point from which the “unfortunate comments”, broadcast through the ambient sound of camera 8, located outside the hotel. “There is no possible excuse for what happened. Radiotelevisión Española apologizes to the actresses and condemns without palliation the content of these derogatory comments for women and so far from the majority feeling of the company’s staff and , unfortunately, still present in our society “, they assure in a communiqué.

The RTVE Equality Observatory has also acted ex officio and has opened a file to take action.

According to the note, the images of Malaga arrived at the Central Control of RTVE in Madrid after a preselection of signals that came from several cameras. This preselection, they say, is the one that reaches the central control of Torrespaña from which they are distributed.

Controversy in the networks

The controversy ignited through social media. The sexist comments referred to some of the women who participated in the red carpet and were destined, for example, to Marta Nieto or Nathy Peluso, to whom undetermined voices caused all kinds of insults and qualifiers about her physical appearance .


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