world Twelve people arrested in connection with plans for far-right...

Twelve people arrested in connection with plans for far-right bombings in Germany


Twelve people, all of German nationality, were arrested Friday, February 14, as part of an investigation into a far-right small group suspected of planning attacks against “Politicians, asylum seekers and Muslims”, announced the federal prosecutor’s office.

Four of these suspects are suspected of having trained “A far right terrorist association”, while the other eight are said to be ready to provide them with support, in particular “Financial” or “Help to get weapons”, said the prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg) in a press release.

The group, formed last September, aimed to“Undermine the order of the state and society in Germany and, in the end, overthrow it”, according to the same source. “Attacks, the concrete arrangements for which have not yet been specified, had to be committed against political leaders, asylum seekers and people of the Muslim faith in order to generate a situation close to civil war”, said the prosecutor’s office responsible for terrorism cases.

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Thirteen searches in five Länder

Earlier, the prosecution had announced searches in thirteen locations across five Länder (regional states), including Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state in Germany.

In order to implement their plans, the suspects met personally several times and in different places, justice said. They also used chat on messaging services to communicate.

German authorities are concerned about far-right terrorism, particularly since the murder of a prominent German politician last June. A neo-Nazi has since been detained. Concern is also mounting because of the increase in violence against elected officials in the country, in a context of stiffening of the political climate under pressure from the far right.


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