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Twenty years after her Miss World, the evolution of beauty canons in Nigeria

In 2001, the world crowned Nigerian Agbani Darego for her beauty. An election seen in retrospect as the symbol of a bygone era by the online media OkayAfrica, which traces the evolution of beauty standards in the country.

“Her evening sheath dress was meadow green, with a train and a plunging neckline. V adorned with small Swarovski crystals ”, remembers online media OkayAfrica. In this month of November 2021, Nigeria celebrates the twenty years of the election of its Miss World, Agbani Darego. Another era for Nigerian beauty standards, which some today recall with nostalgia.

For the country of West Africa, the crowning of its “Queen” in the global competition was a first. During this period, the end of the military dictatorship had “Gave the country the impression of being in a democracy”, the new millennium was “Exhilarating” and internet “booming”. The canvas inspired fashion “A futuristic fever made of mini sunglasses, bright colors and other kitsch accessories”. But in two decades, continues the American media, “The definitions of beauty in Nigeria have radically changed”.

“It’s not about to happen again”, se marre Frank Oshodi, and designer de la robe “iconic” worn by Agbani Darego, in the colors of the flag and symbol of “Novelty and youth” for the fashion of the time.

Whitening, surgery, new discipline of the body

Frank Oshodi’s minimalism has endured, “Unlike its counterparts very present on the Internet”,notes the online media.




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