Twitch Researches New Advertising Model and Tests Interactive Ads

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From today, you will see ads that are a bit special if you are a fan of the Twitch platform. These are interactive ads that are meant to encourage viewers to watch entire ads.

Streaming platforms and the advertising market are a long love-hate relationship. At Twitch, a streaming platform mainly reserved for gamers, we have been looking for a new advertising model for a while. Suddenly, the platform has just launched its “multiplayer ads”.


But how can commercials be multiplayer? Explanations. In fact, it’s the streamer who decides when to run these kinds of ads. They will then be broadcast to all viewers of the channel. At the end of the ad, there will be a survey for viewers to take. The streamer then receives bits, Twitch’s virtual currency, for each response given. Good deal for the streamer, who pockets bits in addition to the usual advertising revenue.

And for the spectators, it is an additional form of comfort since these multiplayer advertisements will reduce the appearance of advertisements when launching a live, when changing the channel for example.

Help creators

You got it, so it’s a roundabout way to support content creators on Twitch. “In the spirit of Twitch, we want our creators and fans to have the opportunity to experience it all together and give a helping hand to their favorite creators.” Because yes, watching the ad and answering the survey therefore help and support your favorite streamer. A good alternative for viewers who don’t want to subscribe to every channel they visit. Remember that a subscription costs a minimum of 5 euros.

So of course, the streamers only earn one euro per survey response, but that still puts butter in the spinach. In addition, they earn an additional amount per 1,000 spectators per ad.

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