Twitch, the phenomenon of live shows that sweeps the internet

Twitch, the phenomenon of live shows that is sweeping the internet.

Twitch has become the platform that has gained more ground and popularity in recent years on the internet; The portal, which became popular in the broadcasting of video game matches, now reaches all sectors and is presented as a key player in 2021.

Ten years after its launchor, more and more people – especially young people – take the floor on the “streaming” platform and create content that is followed by millionaire audiences, sometimes surpassing television itself.

This week, the Murcian “streamer” The Grefg smashed all the records so far on the platform with 2.5 million simultaneous viewers during the presentation of his character from the popular Fortnite.

Weeks before, Ibai, The popular Spanish commentator, broadcast the New Year’s Eve chimes through his Twitch channel. It got more than half a million viewers, more than the Cuatro network, according to data from the Barlovento communication consultancy.

Its audience is mainly young, young people between 13 and 27 years old, who were born in the middle of the digital age and are used to consuming content on demand and interacting.

Interaction is one of the keys to the success of the platform, which was acquired in 2014 by Amazon. During the broadcast, viewers can participate and interact with the “streamer” and with content that is seen on screen, which adds fun and allows the viewer to be part of the broadcast like never before.

The channel has the possibility of watching live broadcasts and also delayed, although its broadcasts are the main attraction. YouTube is still the preferred option for on-demand videos. Twitch is accessible from all platforms: computer, mobile and video game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Many of the “streamers” who now triumph on Twitch were popular “youtubers”, which have taken millions of followers with them to the new platform: this is the case of Wismichu, Auronplay, El Rubius or TheGrefg.

The latter two have been harshly criticized this week for moving to Andorra to save taxes; ElRubius communicated this during a video game game on the internet.

One of the reasons that motivated the transfer of youtubers to Twitch it was precisely the income. On YouTube, revenue comes from advertising, but on the live streaming platform you can make money from ads and subscribers.

It is becoming more and more common to see live broadcasts about anything: political news, music, cuisine, graphic designers, talks about history, cinema or technology.

Journalist Emilio Domenech, alias Nanísimo, one of La Sexta’s regular correspondents in the United States, broadcast the assault on Congress from Twitch and, during Thanksgiving, prepared a paella while reflecting on the outcome of the country’s elections.

Many of those who have opted for this channel are artists, especially musicians, who have used this platform to reach their audience at a time when the pandemic forced the cancellation of concerts around the world.

Twitch’s exponential growth has come precisely from this diversification of audiences: the platform has captured the attention of all kinds of creators and, consequently, its audience has gained diversity.

And if that was not enough, the platform also has a tool to watch series and movies with the company of other users, thus forming a movie theater.


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