Twitter introduces paid content, some twins will only see “superfollowers”

Social network Twitter will give content creators the ability to display selected content only to paying fans, so-called superfollowers. The functionality called Super Follow will allow fans to directly support their favorite profiles, and for Twitter the new service will also mean new source of profit.

Superfollowing will take various forms of extra content inaccessible to regular followers of the profile. Users will be able to pay, for example, for a regular newsletter, videos, twins or discount offers.

According to The Verge With this move, the company wants to join other services such as Patreon, which offer content creators the opportunity to collect money directly from their fans. Facebook, YouTube or GitHub also offer direct payments to authors. Twitter has not yet announced how much it will charge for superfollowing.

Twitter has also announced that it is preparing the Communities service. This feature will be similar to Facebook Groups and will allow users to start themed discussions. The company has not yet announced when the new Community and Super Follow features will be launched. Twitter too recently introduced the Spaces featurewhich offers the possibility of voice chats similar to the Clubhouse application.

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