Twitter launches its latest product “Fleets”

After the Tweets, here are the Fleets! The social network Twitter launched on Tuesday the international deployment of its latest product, ephemeral messages that disappear after 24 hours.

The Fleets (short thoughts) aim to facilitate conversations on Twitter by providing a freer and safer space for “Twittos” to express themselves.

Tested since last March in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea, “Fleets have helped people feel more comfortable sharing personal and informal thoughts, opinions and feelings,” explains Twitter in a blog post.

Format wise, the fleets look like stories from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn. This similarity is fully assumed by the platform with the blue bird. “You may be familiar with this format! We have observed that some feel more comfortable joining the conversation on Twitter with this ephemeral format, so that what they share is accessible for a while rather than permanently, ”reads the same article.

For several months, the Californian group has been rushing to make its platform healthier and safer for people who wish to express themselves freely. It is currently working on expanding access to “Voice tweets” to all of its users, scheduled for 2021.

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