Twitter launches its own “stories”: Posts will last only 24 hours

Most digital applications have the “stories” format that started on Snapchat and that was spreading to other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and now Twitter.

The latter is named “Fleets”, Y can be automatically deleted after 24 hours from the moment of its publication.

As in other applications, These “stories” will not only be normal tweets, but rather publications designed to take advantage of the vertical screen of the mobile phone with effects, gifs and other options available for editing the desired content.

Music, effects and content

This new proposal comes to Twitter to completely change the app, which has been a live news platform for years, minute by minute. Now, you will not only have texts, photos and videos with links to web pages, but you can also fill the entire screen to add the information you want.

After 24 hours, these “Fleets” will disappear automatically and they will be stored in a locatable part within the application, so that in the future it can be revived, as is done on Instagram.

This option will be available at the top of the “home”, so we will see them immediately when we enter the platform, above the usual tweet timeline.

By posting a “Fleets”, followers will be able to view the posted material and interact with the person who posted it. Responses will be sent to users as direct messages and emojis will be available to send quick reactions.

Photo courtesy: Pixabay

Twitter it will also make it easy for your tweets to be shared directly as a Fleet, in the style of Instagram posts, which are shared in stories without any problem.

Another option that comes to Twitter is that of “direct communication” and that is that, through the application, we can create groups with whom we can communicate only through voice messages and in turns, as if it were a call.

These new options will arrive ‘in the next few days’ both to iOS and Android, so it will be a matter of time before they are available and you can start enjoying the update of the digital platform.

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