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Updated 12/13/2020 at 5:16 PM

A Twitter user published a surprising video in which a large disk-shaped cloud is seen over the sky over the city of Pucallpa, in the department of Ucayali.

In the images you can see the gigantic cloud covering a large part of the city, but what most caught the attention of the people was the peculiar disk shape it has and that resembles something that does not seem from this world, although the reality is much more surprising.

Immediately, the Twitter publication began to receive responses from other people who expressed their surprise and compared the meteorological event with similar events in cities such as Chiclayo and Trujillo, referring to the El Niño phenomenon and the constant rains in these areas.

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There was no shortage of users who attributed the great cloud to aliens, since its shape resembles the huge spaceship seen in the science fiction movie ‘Independence Day’. A huge disk that covers an entire city and that materializes between clouds similar to those in the video.

However, Abraham Levy clarified that this capricious formation has the name of ‘shelf cloud’ or ‘belt cloud’, “which is formed below a Cumulonimbus or storm cloud of great vertical development”.


The Shelf Cloud is a long wedge-shaped cloud that forms at the edge of a multi-cluster storm system. They often stretch for miles across the sky and can have fingers (not spinning) like clouds that stretch toward the ground.

Platform clouds form when the cold air within the storm rushes in and lifts up the warm, moist air before the storm. As that hot air rises, it condenses and forms a platform cloud.

What you experience when a platform cloud moves towards you is strong winds first and then rain or hail. The main threat of a cloud shelf is damaging strong winds. Although rare, small tornadoes can sometimes occur at the edge.


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