[Two Anniversary of the Resistance Movement]Hong Kong people climbed to the top of the Lion Rock to light up the free HK and FAITH words: Let the protesters see each other | Position report

Two years ago, June 9th was a day when Hong Kong people launched a series of large-scale “rebellion campaigns.” On this day, 1.03 million people took to the streets and demanded that the government withdraw the amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, leading to a prolonged “anti-transmission” struggle. Today, two years later, is the “6.9 Two Anniversary” under the National Security Law. The red line is tightly bound to freedom, there is no way for demonstrations, and the social movement is low. The “local youth will” held a commemorative event, displaying steamed fish dishes, 3M gloves and other demonstrations. The goods and the trade unions were placed on the street to let the public read the comments of the protesters who were released from prison. In the evening, the Lion Rock was blowing in the wind, and some citizens climbed in the wind and rain. They walked in the dark, lighting up the signs on the mountain, displaying the words of FREE HK and FAITH, cheering for the protesters, and hoped that fellow travelers could see each other. Some climbers said: “If you die, you won’t avoid it.”

On the evening of June 9, 2021, some citizens climbed to the top of Lion Rock and illuminated the entire top of the mountain with the lights of “Free HK” and “Faith”.

The top of Lion Rock at night is pitch black, and two light plates printed with FREE HK and FAITH illuminate the top of the mountain. It is understood that about 10 citizens climbed to the top of Lion Rock at 9 p.m., turned their lights toward Sha Tin and Kowloon, and illuminated the city with a flashlight. After staying for about an hour, heavy rain began and the citizens picked up the lights and left.

On the evening of June 9, 2021, some citizens climbed to the top of Lion Rock and illuminated the entire top of the mountain with the lights of “Free HK” and “Faith”. About an hour later, it rained heavily.

Citizens holding lights on Lion Rock said in an interview with a reporter from “Stance” that they chose to turn on the lights on June 9th because the day two years ago was the prelude to the “returning” movement. The parade of one million people is an unforgettable day, but now Hong Kong has a national security law, the red line is getting closer and it seems that nothing can be done during the parade, so I hope I can try my best to find some space to speak up. In the past, the best way to see each other was through parades, but now it seems difficult to do so, so I chose to light up the lights to let fellow travelers see each other. They believe that even if there is no way for the parade, they can still try their best to find some space to make a sound. In addition to allowing Hong Kong people to see it, the international community will also see that “it is a big deal and will not avoid it.” One of them Summarize today’s mentality with this sentence.

On the evening of June 9, 2021, some citizens climbed to the top of Lion Rock and illuminated the entire top of the mountain with the lights of “Free HK” and “Faith”.

The police said that at 9 pm and 11 pm, they received reports from the public that there was light on the top of the Lion Rock and they were worried about accidents.

On the second anniversary of 6.9, they are still talking. The newly established political organization “Local Youth Will” held the 13-day “Walk. Past-June 9th of 730” Commemoration. Luo Ziwei, the founder and former vice president of the CUHK Student Union, said that he wanted to bring hope to the people of Hong Kong with this event and let everyone know that there are still people who are willing to come out to initiate political action. In addition to exhibiting photos of the movement in the event, there is also a 10-minute voice navigation in the middle, which contains important voices, reports and speeches during the social movement. In addition, there is also a “spark exchange” link for participants to exchange people and Objects related to social transportation, such as steamed fish dishes, 3M gloves, binoculars, court attendance tickets, etc.(See separate article for details)

At dusk, the Confederation of Trade Unions and the Hong Kong Speech Therapists General Union were at Lai Street Station in Mong Kok. The street station wrote “The Road Traveled on the Day of 2019+2”. Street stations posted photos of the Occupy Legislative Council, the 6.16 FDC parade, 7.28 Sheung Wan, PolyU Siege and other anti-transmission events, and played a video of the movement review. At the same time, the street station distributed a leaflet, which recorded the comments of two people who were arrested and imprisoned on June 9th of the previous year. The two have already served their sentences and were released from prison. One of them, Amin, believes that in addition to suffering and sacrifice in prison, he can also work hard to become stronger in prison. After he was released from prison, he changed his reading direction, hoping to study topics related to freedom of speech, and obtain a Ph.D., “Use knowledge to help sports development, and professional to seize words. right”. Lin Xiaowei, secretary of the Trade Union Organization, hopes that the public will regain the courage of the day. “In this absurd era, we call on the people of Hong Kong to continue to act, because we can’t survive through misfortune. The only thing we can do is to continue to speak out.”(See separate article for details)

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