Two Arab companies are on the list.. Here are the 10 best airlines in the world

2023-06-04 06:00:29

Air NZ has topped the list of best airlines in the world for the seventh year since 2013.

The rating was included in’s list of airline safety and product ratings.

The new classification comes after Qatar Airways (Qatar Airways) ranked first over the years 2021 and 2022.

Air NZ came as the best airline in economy class, while Qatar Airways topped the list in business class, and Singapore Airlines was the best in first class. Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said Air New Zealand came out on top in a number of key areas although it was very close to the top five.

Here is the order:
1- Air New Zealand
2- Qatar Airways
3- Etihad Airways
4- Korean Air
5- Singapore Airlines
6- Qantas
7- Virgin Australia/Virgin Atlantic
8- EVA Air
9- Cathay Pacific Airways
10- Emirates

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