Two arrested for neutering animals in clandestine veterinary clinic

They operated in the El Alboral shopping center in Carabobo, said the Cicpc.


09:02 AM / 16/09/2020

Officials of the Brigade Against Organized Crime of the Municipal Delegation of Cicpc Valencia carried out the apprehension of Jey Nathaly Valerio Murcia (34) and José Abrahan Gamero Castillo (41), who had a clandestine veterinary clinic.

The scientific police received several different complaints, via Instagram, through which they were alerted to a veterinary clinic in the El Alboral shopping center, “referring, in addition, that in that place they were in charge of castrating animals and did not have any permits. Surgical interventions were done empirically causing serious damage to the

A commission was set up and “it was possible to confirm that, in fact, in the bomb room of that shopping center, the detainees today took it arbitrarily for approximately a year, and there clandestinely carried out the prescription and application of veterinary medical treatments without be legally empowered “.

The following evidence was seized: two rolls of nylon, syringes, scissors, sewing needles, latex gloves, liquid and bar soaps, micro-drippers, a solution bottle, thermometers, a bottle of cifarcain, cotton and a cardboard – sign – with the message Space taken for veterinary project.

The case was notified to the Public Ministry of the Carabobo state, it was reported through the account of the national head of Cicpc, Douglas Rico.

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