Two Belgians arrested for attempted kidnapping in the Strait of Gibraltar (video)

Spanish police arrested two Belgian citizens in Ceuta, in the Strait of Gibraltar. The two individuals are charged with attempted kidnapping. Residents of the neighborhood had alerted the police to an attempted kidnapping and a shooting.

The facts took place last Friday at the end of the evening, in Playa Benitez. Witnesses saw several men getting out of a BMW and attempting to force one person on board. gunshots were then heard.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police discovered that the kidnappers had locked the victim in the trunk of their vehicle. Seeing the police, the individuals tried to flee. Two of them took possession of a police van for this, before abandoning it a little further on to continue on foot.

The other three individuals, two Belgians and a Moroccan, hid in the bushes. But thanks to their thermal cameras, the police were able to locate the criminals. The three men were arrested. The victim was hospitalized, but his life is not in danger.

According to information relayed by local media, the two Belgians could be part of a drug trafficking organization. The victim, a young man, would have two million euros in debt to such an organization, reports the newspaper El Pueblo de Ceuta. The Belgians would thus have been mandated by the organization to abduct the victim. According to The Ceuta Lighthouse, the three individuals would have arrived from Belgium on Friday to commit their mischief.

The suspects should be heard by justice on Monday. Police are still looking for the other two suspects.


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