Two bettors shared $ 345 million in Quini 6 – News

Quini 6 put into play this Wednesday, January 13 at night, a record pot of more than 600 million pesos in draw 2823, with more than one million six hundred thousand bets throughout the country.

There was more than 167 million pesos at stake in the Quini 6 Traditional draw pot and the winning numbers were 2, 43, 21, 13, 8 and 34.

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One lucky man hit all six figures and earned 162,975,583 pesos. The ballot was played in Cayastá, Santa Fe.

While in the draw for the Second Round of Quini 6 modality there were a pot at stake of more than 183 million pesos. They left on 2, 13, 33, 15, 0 and 44.

There was a winner and he took 183,703,268 pesos. The ballot was played in the city of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires.

In the Revancha del Quini 6 mode, with more than 222 million pesos at stake, the highest pit of the night, they came out on 25, 44, 37, 34, 11 and 2. This time there were no winners on all six hits and the pot rolls over for Sunday’s drawing.

In the draw for Siempre Sale del Quini 6, with almost eight million pesos in prizes, they came out on 28, 30, 25, 17, 38 and 13. There were 44 winners with five hits and each one took more than 179 thousand pesos.

The next Quini 6 draw will be held on Sunday night with more than 300 million pesos in prizes.


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