Sport Two British Airways executives resign after the airline's first...

Two British Airways executives resign after the airline’s first strike in decades


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  • The chief operating officer and people director of British Airways are leaving the company after a tense pilot strike in September, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

  • Departures took place when the airline’s parent company, the International Consolidated Airlines Group, became a new CEO.

  • The departing COO oversaw BA pilots during their two-day strike last year. The strike affected around 200,000 travelers and was the first in 40 years.

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Two key British Airways executives leave the airline after a tense duel between pilots and management triggered the first strike in four decades, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

Klaus Goersch, Chief Operating Officer, and Angela Williams, People Director, will leave the company as the parent company International Consolidated Airlines Group changes to a new CEO. Williams headed the airline’s labor relations, while Goersch was responsible for the British Airway pilots, according to The Journal.

“We have made some changes to our leadership team to position ourselves as best we can to move on to the next phase of our £ 6.5 billion client and colleague investment and address the challenges of the digital economy and changing consumer needs cope, “said British Airway, The Journal said in a statement.

The changeover follows a pilot strike in September that paralyzed the company’s operations for two full days. The airline canceled around 1,700 flights during the strike, affecting around 200,000 travelers. The demonstration was fueled by disagreements about the pilots’ pay and performance. The union claimed British Airway had made huge profits from low-paying pilots, which had helped keep the company alive in difficult times.

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The strike was the first in British Airway for almost 40 years, according to The Journal.

British Airway has appointed former technical director Jason Mahoney as new COO, while Stuart Kennedy, former people director at IAG Cargo, will replace Williams, The Journal said.

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