Two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the NHL

Two players from the National Hockey League (NHL) contracted COVID-19 during the first five days of phase 3 of the return to play, according to information transmitted Monday by the Bettman circuit.

In total, the NHL performed 2,618 drug tests on more than 800 players between July 13 and July 17. Two positive results were obtained and the patients are currently in confinement according to the planned protocol. The identity of the players has not been released.

Phase 3 of the NHL plan has allowed teams to organize training camps for the comeback. The 24 teams still in the running must then head to Edmonton and Toronto, where the preparatory matches will be played on July 28.

The qualifying round games – in which the Montreal Canadiens face the Pittsburgh Penguins – and the round robin tournament play will be held on August 1.

– The TVA Sports channel will broadcast the entire Canadian-Penguins series.


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