Two Coqui partners killed in Barquisimeto

Officials from the Cicpc National Anti-Theft Division killed two members of the gang founded by Carlos Calderón (El Vampi) and Carlos Revette (El Coqui) in Barquisimeto (Lar), police sources confirmed. This criminal organization has its base of operations at Cota 905, Caracas.

The subjects traveled from Caracas to Barquisimeto to visit relatives. They were traveling in an Arauca without plates, which was sighted last Tuesday afternoon in the capital of Larense.

The subjects, whose identity is in the process of being verified, realized that a Cicpc commission was chasing them from Florencio Jiménez Avenue passing through the Metropolis Shopping Center. And at that point, the men entered due to the emergency of the Social Security hospital, where the confrontation with the Cicpc agents took place and they fell dejected, according to the report.

The scientific police track down other members of the Coqui group in Lara.

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