Two dead and 18 wounded in several shootings in New York

New York, USA.

Gun violence doesn’t stop at New York, where several shootings andThis weekend they left at least 2 dead and 18 injured, in events in which at least one of them, according to the Police, was related to gangs.

On the one hand, two men were murdered, one in El Bronx and another in Manhattan, and eight other people were injured in separate incidents early Sunday morning.

According to law enforcement sources cited by the New York Post, of the 8 injured, 3 went for Lost bullets when two groups started shoot each other dfter a dispute in the Upper Manhattan.

On the other hand, according to a video distributed by the authorities, two individuals who used mask and sweatshirts hooded, came from a street corner in the Corona neighborhood, in Queenyes, they took out the weapons that they wore hidden under their clothes and began to shoot at about 10:30 p.m. local time on Saturday (02:30 GMT) against a group of people, leaving 10 injured.

There was a Birthday Party at a nearby restaurant and the sidewalk was crowded when the shooting, that left eight men wounded and two women, between 19 and 72 years of age, according to data offered by the Police this Sunday during a press conference.

Three of the wounded they were the target of the shots, according to channel 7 of the ABC chain. The men were followed on the sidewalk by two others who were in motorcycles, in which they escaped from the place. According to the Police, the wounded will survive.

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“There is only one common, recurring theme that keeps happening and has to stop throughout the city. weapons, multiple weapons In the scene. This is unacceptable in our streets in the city of New York and it has to end “said Police Chief of Detectives James Essig at the conference.

The Police, who closed several streets in the area for the research, hat the request of the public to locate those who attackers. On July 7, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in New York, the first state in the nation, for gun violence.

The state also passed two pieces of legislation that limit their sale and hold their manufacturers responsible for the consequences of acts committed with them in an attempt to reduce shootings. EFE


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