Two doctors publish a comic where they explain more than 100 diseases in a humorous way

The mood in a patient is key and that is why two doctors have created a comic to explain humorous medicine.

It all started in a hospital in Madrid. There in 2014 Quido Rodríguez de Lema Y Juan Sánchez-Verde They discovered that they shared another hobby apart from medicine: the comic. They say that already in the medical school they studied through the drawings they did in their notes.

These doctors consider that medicine with humor is better understood and it reaches all audiences in a broader sense. His intention is to convey medical knowledge with a smile.

For this they have published a comic in which they talk about all kinds of diseases through 100 real and fictional characters. They use some kinds of animation like the giggling dog, diagnosed with laryngitis, or Homer simpson, whose yellow color is explained because he suffers from jaundice. They also adapt the hallucinations of the mythical Don Quijote of La Mancha who, according to the doctors in their comic, suffers from Lewy body disorder.

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