two explosions in Beirut injure dozens of people

A series of two explosions rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday (August 4th), leaving dozens of people injured. Videos uploaded to Twitter show thick clouds of black and orange smoke rising above the capital.

The explosions, which took place in the port area and whose origin was not immediately known, were heard in several sectors of the city.

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According to witnesses, the explosions were heard as far away as the coastal town of Larnaca, Cyprus, just over 200 km from the Lebanese coast.

Call for rescuers

The port sector has been cordoned off by the security forces, which only allow civil defense, the ballet of ambulances with screaming sirens and fire trucks to pass. Journalists were banned from entering.

Local media broadcast images of people trapped under rubble, some covered in blood.

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According to Orient Day, a call was made to all the rescue units in the region to go to the scene. The Lebanese Red Cross reportedly reported several hundred injured.

Abandoned cars

According to residents, many injured residents are walking through the streets to hospitals. In the district of Achrafieh, the wounded rush to the Hôtel-Dieu. In front of the Clémenceau medical center, dozens of injured people, including children, were waiting to be admitted.

Almost every store window in the Hamra, Badaro and Hazmieh neighborhoods was shattered, as were the windows in cars. Cars have been left on the streets with their airbags inflated.

According to local media reports, the explosion was the result of an incident at the port. The circumstances and details of the explosion were still unknown, but they could be due to “Explosives” confiscated and stored in a warehouse ” For years “, said a senior security official.

“It appears that there is a warehouse containing material confiscated for years, and it appears that it was very explosive material”, indicated the director general of general security Abbas Ibrahim, questioned by televisions while moving in the sector. “The services concerned are carrying out the investigation, they will say what the nature of the incident is”, he added.

For his part, Prime Minister Hassan Diab declared a day of national mourning on Wednesday “For the victims of the explosion in the port of Beirut”.


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