Two missiles hit the shot down Ukrainian plane

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Two missiles launched from an Iranian base hit the Ukrainian civilian plane shot down on January 8 in Tehran, according to new images published Tuesday by the New York Times.

These images, taken from a security camera and recorded with a mobile phone, show the trajectory of a bright object, after an explosion in the sky after about 20 seconds.

A second luminous object is launched ten seconds later from the same place, in the same direction, and explodes ten seconds later. A minute later a fireball appears briefly at the top of the screen.

The New York Times frames in the video what it presents as the two missiles and as the Boeing of Ukraine International Airlines, which crashed shortly after taking off, with a balance of 176 dead.

These images are “verified,” the American newspaper emphasizes. And they explain “why the transponder [que informa de la localización del avión] of the device stopped working seconds before being hit by a second missile »and the plane managed to change trajectory to return to the airport before crashing.

According to the Times, they were taken by a camera installed on the roof of a building near the town of Bid Kaneh, 6 km from an Iranian military base. The town is located about thirty kilometers northwest of the Tehran International Airport.

The person who recorded the video showing the moment when a missile shot down the plane has been stopped, according to the Sar-Allah base of the Revolutionary Guard. This military center issued a statement, collected by official means such as the Mehr agency in recent hours, which explains that after the publication of these images proceeded to “identify” its author. This detention is framed, according to Sar-Allah’s base, in the investigations of “the causes and the factors involved in the air incident”, in which 176 people died.

Hundreds of annoying protesters, mostly students, have taken the Iranian streets after the tragedy, raising slogans against the Islamic Republic, which is accused of denying its responsibility before admitting that the demolition of the aircraft is due to a “human error ».

The air catastrophe happened at the peak of tensions between Iran and the United States after the death of the important Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, in an American attack in Baghdad.

In retaliation, Iran launched missiles on January 8 against two military bases of the US military in Iraq, without causing casualties. A few hours later, the Ukrainian plane was shot down “by mistake”, at a time when Iranian air defenses were on high alert.



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