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Two new types of bird flu found in China – Haqqin


Researchers have discovered two new types of bird flu. The infection spreads in China and can potentially be dangerous for humans, according to a scientific paper published in the Wiley online library, writes “”.

Experts conducted extensive epidemic surveillance of avian influenza of the H16N3 subtype in large concentrations of wild birds in China from 2017 to 2019. As a result of studies, two types of viruses were identified that can bind to receptors of both the human and avian subtypes. Scientists believe that new mutations of the H16N3 virus can be dangerous for humans and lead to an epidemic.

Phylogenetic analysis of virus samples with interspecific sorting characteristics showed that microorganisms belong to the Eurasian line. Scientists have concluded that it is necessary to tighten control over the emergence and spread of bird flu subtype H16N3.

According to scientific evidence, the first documented avian influenza virus subtype H16N3 was detected in 1975, there are cases of detection of infection around the world. However, the biological characteristics of the virus and its real threat to humans remain unexplored.

In mid-February, an outbreak of H5N6 avian influenza was detected in China. It occurred on a farm in Nanchong City County, which housed 2,497 domestic birds, of which 1,840 were infected and died. As a measure to prevent the spread of the disease, local authorities destroyed more than 2.26 thousand poultry.


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