Two Portuguese cardiologists die from COVID-19

From doctors cardiologists of the state Portuguese died between November 8 and 12, when they became complicated after contracting COVID-19, thus bringing the number of health professionals who died so far in the penultimate month of 2020 to 11.

The renowned cardiologist Nestor González Ochoa He died this Thursday, November 12, after several days hospitalized at the Razetti Clinic in Barquisimeto, Lara state. A few days before his death, his relatives had started a Bell to collect funds for the purpose of financing your care and treatments.

“I regret to report the death by COVID-19 of Dr.. Néstor González Ochoa, coordinator of the Cardiology postgraduate course in the Portuguese state and a maestro in the training of Cardiologists in Venezuela. An irreparable loss for everyone. Peace to his soul and consolation to his family ”, informed Dr. Freddy Pachano, head of postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zulia (LUZ).

Dr. Néstor González Ochoa graduated as a cardiologist from the Central University of Venezuela. Worked in the Hospital Dr. Jesús María Casal Ramos of Acarigua-Araure. He was a professor at the Lisandro Alvarado Centroccidental University (UCLA) and president of the Llanos Occidental branch of the Venezuelan Society of Cardiology (SVC).

COVID-19 and electrical failure

On November 8, the cardiologist died Rafael Dugarte of the Portuguese state, confirmed the organization United Doctors of Venezuela. He was admitted to the Dr. Jesús María Casal Ramos Hospital.

“He was an excellent doctor who helped everyone without social preference. It was always there for everyone who needed it. He never skimped on any of his belongings, he tried to help everyone in need, ”his son shared on social media.

As reported by the portal The Pitazo, Dr. Dugarte died after a blackout at the Dr. Jesús María Casal Ramos Hospital in the early hours of that Sunday: the electrical failure prevented him from continuing to receive oxygen and his respiratory system collapsed. He worked at the Dr. José Gregorio Hernández de Acarigua Maternal and Child Hospital of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (Ivss).

Seven doctors in Portuguese

Cocuyo effect has been able to verify the deaths of 211 health workers from COVID-19, of which 169 were doctors. Only in the Portuguese state, seven doctors have died from the effects of the new coronavirus.

Before the deaths of doctors Néstor González and Rafael Dugarte, the endocrinologist died Cesar Somoza, The psychiatrist Angel Dorante, the endocrinologist Oswaldo Troconis, the urologist Carmen Mavo and the radiologist and imaging specialist Esteban Briceño Voirin.

According United Doctors of VenezuelaIn total, 254 health workers have died in Venezuela since the start of the pandemic.

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