Two teenagers from Tianjin National Table Tennis Direct and Olympic Simulation Tournament play_Participate

Original title: National Table Tennis Direct and Olympic Games Sim Tournament Tianjin two teenagers play

News from our newspaper (Reporter Su Yahui) Yesterday, the 2021 “Direct WTT Grand Slam·World Table Tennis Championships” and Olympic simulation competition list was announced. Tianjin “Little Flower” Qi Fei and Liu Weishan are both in the women’s singles roster, and Liu Weishan will also play in mixed doubles with Zheng Peifeng. Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen once again joined forces in the mixed doubles, while “Grand Slam player” Ding Ning is not in the lineup.

A total of 36 male and female singles players and 16 pairs of mixed doubles participated in the competition. Players who have won the men’s and women’s singles championships will go straight to the World Table Tennis Championships. In addition to Ding Ning, the main players of the national table tennis will all play, and Hou Yingchao, a forty-year-old chipper veteran, will be invited again. Taking into account the epidemic situation, Guoping will not arrange outbound competitions in the near future. This event provides a platform for players to practice by competition.

In the men’s singles, Malone and Fan Zhendong have obvious advantages. Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen have already won the mixed doubles Olympic qualification for the National Ping Pong, and they have also added weight to their qualifications for the men’s team. In terms of women’s singles, Chen Meng is the most qualified, and Liu Shiwen is also more competitive because of mixed doubles qualifications. Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu will compete with Liu Shiwen for women’s singles and women’s team qualifications.

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