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‘Two videos Blue Film; One is splitting the MDMA using the ATM card ‘| Saiju THankachan Reveals | Models Death

Kochi: Police are preparing to question more people in connection with the deaths of models. Saiju M., who followed the models’ car. Police are preparing to question Phoebe John, a friend of Saiju’s and the owner of the Audi car used to chase Saiju’s models, as Thankachan’s custody is due to end on Thursday.

The police concluded that Phoebe and Saiju were close friends. Indications are that Saiju was planning parties for Phoebe’s friends. The other day, police received videos of a heinous crime from a secret folder on Saiju’s phone. The investigation team found more than 50 videos of chemical use and unnatural sexual harassment.

‘Two videos dated May 26, 2020 in the folder are blueprints. In one of the other videos, Jeffin, mentioned in the remand report, was seen using hashish oil with a green lid on the table after cutting a cigarette. The other two videos are about splitting MDMA using an ATM card on a mobile phone. ‘- This is how Saiju described the videos found by the police. The information is in the remand report submitted by the police to the court.

Police have found that a woman doctor and others were present at the party held at Hotel Kakkanad No. 18. Police are also looking for JK and Anu Gomez, two regulars at the party. According to police, Saiju’s statement revealed that he had attended several parties. Saiju has handed over the names and phone numbers of those seen in the footage obtained by the police to the investigation team. It is learned that they will be questioned in the coming days.

Police will question Amal Pappadavada, Nasreen, Salahuddin Moineen and Shinu Minnu, who are said to have participated in the party held by Saiju on September 7, 2020 at his flat in Chilavannur. Their names are in the remand report submitted to the court by the police.

The investigation team also collected social media chats with Saiju and others as evidence of drug use. It is said that on July 26, 2021, Saiju had a chat with a profile named Saira Banu, who went to the forest to have a drunken party and shot the wild buffalo. ‘The stuff was full natural. What happened in the natural forest? What did the wild buffalo shoot in the forest? ‘ According to police, the forest department is preparing to launch an investigation against Saiju and his gang.

The probe team also received details of phone parties in Kochi, Munnar and Goa. So it is speculated that Saiju may have brought the drugs for the DJ party from these places.

English Summary : Models Death: Sailju Thankachan reveals more details


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