Two wheels Thailand moving forward to collect cyclists to prepare for the SEA Games – Asian Games – fresh news

Two wheels Thai began to move forward to collect the Thai national team athletes. Prepare for the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam, followed by the 19th Asian Games in China.

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Two wheels Thailand continues to collect the national team riders for the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam and the 19th Asian Games in China, complete in all 4 categories from February 1, while “Sek. Ink” plans to send female cyclists. small set Under 23 years old to compete in the “Bivase Cup” in March to find information on the conditions of the SEA Games stadium. which the host has not disclosed any information

“Sei. Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, president of the Cycling Association of Thailand, revealed that the Association continues to collect Thai national team riders in the 31st SEA Games battle “Hanoi Games” in Vietnam fully after the management committee Competition confirmed to the SEA Games Federation. that will be held for sure between 12-23 May by bicycles in the SEA Games will be used in the city of Hua Binh Both road and mountain bikes

The association will call the Thai national team riders to collect training together. The whole SEA Games series and cyclists who must compete in the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, between 10-25 September, which in addition to road and mountain bikes In the Asian Games, there will be track and BMX racing.

General Decha said that for the Thai national team riders in all 4 categories will start collecting from February 1, the Thai national team riders who have been selected from the results of the year 2021 have started training. Continuing since the month of Nov. 64 As approved by the Sports Authority of Thailand But due to the problem of the spread of COVID-19 causing the association to decide not to call in the training camp to reduce the risk of traveling and grouping

by allowing Thai national team riders to practice at their domicile according to the training courses programmed by the coaching staff of each type for entering the detention camp Medium-distance road and track teams Collected in Mukdahan Province short term Collected in Suphan Buri Province while the cougar team Collected at Prachinburi Province BMX type will be kept in Chainat Province

The Prime Minister of Two Wheels of Thailand also revealed that all Thai national cyclists are scheduled to take a physical fitness test on January 30-31 at the Sports Science Center. Sports Authority of Thailand To meet the criteria that SAT. It is stated that all athletes in the SEA Games will have to pass two fitness tests and the Asian Games. Must pass a physical fitness test 3 times before participating in the competition.

At the same time, the association is also preparing for the Thai national team riders to compete at the international level. Which will start the first event, the women’s long-distance bicycle “Bivase Cup” between March 4-13 in Vietnam. which the association will send a small Thai national team Emphasis on female cyclists aged not over 23 years participating in the competition by placing Major Ying Chanpheng Nonthasin as the head of the Thai female cyclist team.

“Aside from sending the Thai national team a small team to compete in the Bivace Cup, the association has also asked the host if it can send the club team to compete or not. because of this item The minimum age is 16 years or older. If the host accepts, it will include the Fisherman Friends team. It is a youth set and a new young star is sent out to find another team to experience.”

“If possible, I will use the opportunity to travel to the Vivace Cup to find information about the venue of the 31st SEA Games as there is no further information from the host. In addition to the city that will be used to organize competitions and the number of medals As for other important information, such as altitude, maps, has not yet been disclosed to ASEAN member states.”

General Decha added that The international warm-up competition of the Thai national team riders It will be an Asian road bike championship. In Tajikistan between 25-29 March, which the association will send the Thai national team, aged not over 23 years old, male-female and male-female youth team. join the competition

while the first team, both male and female Will be kept for the long-distance bicycle race Tour of Thailand 2022 scheduled between 1-10 Apr. Routes Mukdahan, Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom for the track category. Originally, the Thai national team was sent to the Asian Games track category. They competed in the 2022 Asian Championships in India in February, but the host decided to postpone the tournament due to the coronavirus pandemic. By postponing the competition between June 18-22, which the association will send riders in the Asian Games to compete for sure.

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