Two wolves detected at the same time in northeast Hesse

EFor the first time since the wolf returned to Hesse, two animals have been reliably detected at the same time thanks to a game camera. As the Hessian State Office for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG) announced on Monday in Wiesbaden, a game camera recorded the two wolves together on a red deer carcass near Ludwigsau in the Hersfeld-Rotenburg district on February 24. The photo and other image material had been submitted to the wolf monitoring department at the HLNUG for evaluation.

Which two individuals the animals are exactly cannot be determined from the photo, it said. It is possible that it is a couple from the “Stölzinger Wölfin” GW1409f, who had settled in East Hesse, and the male GW1939m, who was genetically proven in the region in December, but this cannot be said with certainty at this point in time.

The red deer carcass on which the two animals were photographed was immediately examined and sampled by a volunteer wolf advisor on behalf of the HLNUG. Since the carcass had been exposed to heavy rainfall in the meantime, it was unclear whether the genetic analysis could provide further information, such as the identity of the wolves.


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