Two years later, the bulls return to tread the Albero de la Maestranza

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Seville, Sep 17 (EFE) .- Two years after, in the bullfight held in that arena on September 29, 2019, the mulillas dragged the last copy of Daniel Ruiz, the bulls will once again step on the famous bullring of the square from the Real Maestranza in Seville, where an unusual and attractive San Miguel fair begins tomorrow.

This long subscription is announced once the Pagés company, which has been awarded the arena for three generations, already tried to celebrate this spring a reduced April fair that was disallowed by the Junta de Andalucía, by imposing the most restrictive sanitary measures at the state level against the 50% capacity that, together with a studied contingency plan, the organizers wanted.

After that controversial decision, already entering a new phase of measures against the pandemic and with the authorization of a capacity of 60%, at the beginning of the summer the company decided to add the ten bullfights that were closed in April at three o’clock at the fair. San Miguel habitual of these dates, to thus ratify the return of the bulls to one of the “cathedrals” of bullfighting, which never, not even during the Civil War, was inactive for so long.

In the posters, the presence of the Sevillian right-hander Morante de la Puebla stands out, announced in four afternoons, including the last one, when, in a very striking gesture, he will face a run of the legendary Miura iron for the first time in his long career.

The San Miguel fair will take place like this from tomorrow Saturday until Sunday, October 3, with eleven bullfights, one of rejones and two novilladas, in which, in addition to Morante, Pablo Aguado and Juan Ortega are also announced three afternoons , the Peruvian Roca Rey and José María Manzanares, while on two occasions Diego Urdiales, El Juli, Daniel Luque and Miguel Ángel Perera and Antonio Ferrera will do the paseo from Extremadura.

Precisely Ferrera, in a one-on-one with Emilio de Justo, will fight on September 23 the Victorino Martín bullfight, one of the great attractive “toristas” of the season ticket together with that of Miura, as both herds are the exceptions to the rule from a list filled with Domecq blood currencies.

The appointments most indicated by fans, according to the demand at the box office, are the one for tomorrow -Morante, Roca and Aguado, a poster originally set for Easter Sunday-, the one for the 24th -materially Sevillian with Morante, Ortega and Aguado – and those of the last weekend, which closes with the “miuras” that will also be stocked by locals Manuel Escribano and Pepe Moral.

As for the bullfights, the organization announced today the only cartel that was pending to close, scheduled for September 28, and that is made up of Calerito, Manuel Diosleguarde and Jorge Martínez, with steers from Rocío de la Cámara.

Also these days, when the province of Seville fell to emergency level 1, the Junta de Andalucía has announced that it will allow bullfighting venues to be occupied by 75 percent, but the Pagés company considers that to apply this increase it would have been necessary more time, in order to organize the restricted sale of season tickets and tickets that has already been underway for several weeks.

According to sources from the organization consulted by EFE, its members consider that “these changes cannot be applied from one day to the next. Expansion of capacity is welcome, but as long as there is a sufficient margin of application, not within days of starting a a fair of this magnitude “, the one that the organizers themselves have advertised as” A San Miguel in style. “

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