Two young Corrèze musicians in Lady Gaga’s “One World” concert

There are no small gestures of solidarity. On the night of Saturday to Sunday was held the concert “One World: Together at Home” organized by Lady Gaga and Global Citizen, a movement that has set itself the goal of ending to extreme poverty by 2030. If the event brought together the biggest stars and recovered $ 127.9 million in pledges for health workers and WHO, it also highlighted a good number of artists and professionals helping, in their own way, the victims of the coronavirus epidemic.

Among them, Laure Nonique-Desvergnes and Sébastien Chadelaud, two Corrèze musicians, unknown to the general public. At least that was the case before they appeared in front of the whole world just before the fifth hour of the show. “One World” has also broadcast a video montage with a message from the artists where they work. “Residents are ultra-confined as a result it makes them feel good, do they explain. It is an important moment for us too and rather joyful. Stay respectful of each other and keep each other’s trust.

On April 1 and 8, the two musicians were in front of the Ephad des Fontaines in Tulle, in the Corrèze, to play a small concert for confined residents. “A small classic repertoire of French song of about twenty minutes, tell the Figaro Sébastien Chadelaud. A doctor friend working at the nursing home, Jules Lagrafeuil, wanted us to come and play in front of his residents after seeing videos that we had sent him. At the beginning, it was a voluntary action, now it pays us because it considers that solidarity goes both ways. We return there on April 22 for a new performance. Our only constraint is bad weather.

If the health situation seriously complicates the lives of residents in nursing homes, it will be the same for intermittent workers like our two musicians after the epidemic. “Laure is already a professional and plays in the group San Salvador, but they had to cancel all their dates, reveals Sébastien. As for me, I remain confined. The situation will become difficult.

The two roommates, who call themselves Team Rocket on Facebook, then publish their performances on social networks for “share spring and good humorAnd end up interesting the friend of a friend, working for Global Citizen France. The link is made. “She explained to us that we would be part of the little pellets of the show, he says. We thought it was funny and I liked the idea of ​​representing a little bit of this support, of those we don’t see much. In fact, we did not overestimate the scope of the event.

Their solidarity commitment, far from the spotlight, was finally seen by millions of people. And has placed Corrèze on the global and united map of “One World: together at home”.


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