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Hyundai’s pure electric new car Ioniq 5, which is expected to be released in the Taiwan market on March 2, has been sent to the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for energy consumption testing. Judging from the test results, the general agent Nanyang Industrial sent a total of 3 kinds of power for testing. Now, according to the equipment table obtained by U-Car before the conference, Ioniq 5 will launch EV400, EV500 and EV500 Performance, a total of 3 models, all of which are equipped with a complete SmartSense active safety system as standard, only the entry-level EV400 model will remove the SEA safe exit assist system.

According to the equipment table, Hyundai Ioniq 5 offers 3 models of EV400, EV500 and EV500 Performance.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 uses a 400V/800V dual-gauge E-GMP platform. Although the information obtained by U-Car is only the equipment table and does not record detailed specifications, the Energy Bureau has revealed that the three models are 58kWh battery packs when testing the energy consumption. 72.6kWh battery pack rear-wheel drive and 72.6kWh battery pack all-wheel drive. The maximum horsepower output can reach 167 horses, 215 horses, 307 horses in sequence, and the cruising range is 438 kilometers, 567 kilometers and 496 kilometers.

In terms of equipment, the general agent is also quite sincere. Although the entry model EV400 cancels some convenience and comfort equipment, there are basically not many differences in key functions. In terms of EV technology, whether it is the 4-option Drive Mode multi-driving mode, the PDS three-stage kinetic energy regenerative braking system, the i-Pedal single-pedal driving mode, the VESS virtual engine sound, the AAF active air intake adjustment system, etc., the whole car series All have the same settings.

The main difference between the entry model EV400 and the mid- and high-end models is comfort and convenience, and other settings are generally not much different.

The convenience technology of the EV400 entry model is slightly reduced, canceling the Remote Smart Parking Assist intelligent remote parking assist system, SVM surround view image assistance system, BVM blind spot image assistance system; the interior uses fabric seats instead of leather seats, and at the same time Only equipped with 10-way power seats without heating and ventilation; the exclusive EV500 Performance is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, electric retractable flattened door handles, etc.; the entire car series supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and is equipped with Qi wireless charging seat.

Regardless of the active and passive safety technology, the Ioniq 5 is fully equipped with Hyundai SmartSense driving assistance technology as standard, with a total of 18 auxiliary systems such as SCC intelligent active distance maintenance system, LFA full-speed domain lane maintenance assistance system, including car / Pedestrian/Rider’s FCA Front Active Brake Assist System, FCA-JX Intersection Brake Assist System for Oncoming Vehicles, LVDA Front Vehicle Leaving Reminder System, RDA Rear Seat Occupant Not Getting Off Reminder System…etc. The whole car is equipped with 7 auxiliary airbags as standard. The entry-level EV400, mid-level EV500, and high-level EV500 Performance only have rear radar, no electronic child safety locks, and no SEA safety exit assist system.

However, U-Car has not received any information about the price. If there is any further information in the official announcement, U-Car will provide a report as soon as possible.

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