U.S. Attorney General ask Trump to stop tweeting about open investigations

The United States attorney general, William Barr, has asked the president, Donald Trump, to stop tweeting about open cases and investigations since this makes it “impossible” to do his job.

In an interview with the television network ‘ABC’, Barr has pointed out that the leader’s ‘online’ comments prevent him from doing his job correctly. «
I can’t do my job here at the Department of Justice if there is a constant flow of comments behind cutting my room for maneuver
«, He has asserted.

“That there are comments and ‘tweets’ about the Department, the people who work in it and the cases that are pending make it impossible to ensure that the courts and prosecutors carry out their work with integrity,” he lamented.

I will not let anyone influence me
“Barr has said in relation to” Congress, newspaper publishers or the president himself. ” “I will do what I think is right,” he said.

However, Barr has stated that
Trump “has never” asked him to “do anything in a criminal case”
, while ensuring that “of course” is prepared to face the consequences of criticizing the US president because his job is to lead the Department of Justice and make decisions about what he thinks is “right.”

 Barr’s words have taken place after days of growing scrutiny about his role in the tense decision to publicly reject prosecutors seeking harsh penalties for Republican political strategist Roger Stone, one of Trump’s closest allies and who was convicted of lie to Congress and manipulate witnesses, among other charges.

Specifically, several US Department of Justice prosecutors proposed this week that Stone be sentenced to seven to nine years in prison for the charges against him.

However, the Department of Justice issued a document stating that Stone should be jailed, but asked for a minor sentence, which nullified the prosecutors’ considerations. This document was issued hours
after Trump criticized the sentence publicly through his Twitter account

Thus, Barr has defended his actions. He has specified that he supports Stone’s conviction, but that he thought the recommendation of a sentence of seven to nine years in jail was “excessive.”

Critical voices accuse Barr of acting as the president’s lawyer instead of as an impartial member of the judicial system.

 For its part, hours before the interview, the White House has issued a statement in which it says that Trump “has the right” to offer his opinions “like any American citizen and that he does not” care “for comments made regarding this case.

“President Trump uses social media very effectively to fight for the American people against injustices in our country, including fake news,” according to the White House press secretary’s statement, Stephanie Grisham, picked up by ‘ ABC News‘. “He has full faith and confidence that Attorney General Barr will do his job and comply with the law,” he said. .

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