U.S. fans use a large mobile screen car to broadcast the song Lu Juean is grateful for overseas “Jue Shi” support (13:57)-20210919-SHOWBIZ

[Today’s direct hit]MIRROR captain Yang Lewen, together with Lu Juean (Edan) and Qiu Aoran (Tiger), attended the event at the large shopping mall in Mong Kok today. Edan, who is busy filming the new drama, has swollen eyes and puts on glasses. Is it hard to film? He said no. He only blamed himself for being presumptuous on one day off yesterday, and was hanging on the phone. He said: “The series has not been finished because of venue problems. There are more holidays in disguise, so I will seize the time to take a rest.”

In response to a group of American “Grand Shit” preparing a large mobile screen car for him in the local area, they played the “Little Comedian”, “Mr. E’s Serial Unfortunate Incident”, “IGNITED” MV, and passed through Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The attraction, and promised that if the “Mr. E” MV has more than 10 million views on the official YouTube channel before October 31, it will donate $15,000 to charity.

Edan laughed and said that he had never thought of going to Hollywood so soon. I would like to thank the overseas fans for their support. I have never thought about it, but I am very happy to achieve the publicity effect and do good deeds. I hope MIRROR can go all over the world and meet fans from different places. .

Tiger went out to raise funds for the homeless boy in the show “Help You Support Team” and was praised as a warm man. Tiger said that the show is very meaningful, and as an artist, we should fulfill this responsibility. Of course he wants to have the next album, but it depends on the company’s arrangements.

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