world U.S. Senate wants to limit Trump's decision power over...

U.S. Senate wants to limit Trump’s decision power over Iran


The proposal, by Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, states that the president of the United States needs the approval of Congress before he can start military actions against Tehran.

Kaine made it clear that the proposal does not represent an attack on Donald Trump or the presidency, but rather an important reaffirmation of Congress’ power when it comes to declaring war.

“Although Trump and other presidents should always have the ability to defend the United States from imminent attacks, the executive power to start wars ends there,” explained the Democrat. “An offensive war requires debate and a vote in Congress.”

The proposal approved in the Senate will still have to pass through the House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority, which could happen later this month. However, Donald Trump is expected to exercise his veto power if he sees the measure passed.
“Sign of weakness”

The American president has already defended that the application of this measure would be seen by Iran and other opponents as a sign of weakness, something that the author of the proposal denied. “When we impose laws (…) that are necessary for good decisions to be taken, this is a message of strength”, he countered.

“If we are going to send our young men and women to war to risk their own lives, that it must be done on the basis of careful deliberation by legislators elected by the people and not on the basis of a single person’s order”Clarified Kaine.

Even some of the Republican members of the Senate supported this proposal. Senator Mike Lee was one of them, arguing that Congress cannot escape the constitutional responsibility to act on matters of war and peace.

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World News :

On Twitter, Donald Trump had mentioned on Wednesday the importance of voting against Kaine’s proposal to guarantee national security, giving as an example the death of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, whom the President ordered to be slaughtered earlier this year.

“We are dealing with Iran very well and this is not the time to show weakness. The Americans strongly support our attack on the terrorist Soleimani ”, wrote. “If my hands are tied, the Iranians will have an opportunity to be successful.”

For Trump, the approval of the proposal “would send a very bad signal”. “Democrats are only doing this to try to embarrass the Republican Party. Don’t let that happen! ”, Appealed the leader of the United States.



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