U.S. unrestrained female beach girl was arrested by police after she took toys for “self pleasure” after 20 seconds of rapid orgasm

A woman was enjoying herself on the beach, but she was arrested by the police after what she thought was unknowingly. (Photo/Retrieved from Tybee Island Georgia Police FB)

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Christina Revels-Glick, a 34-year-old woman living in Georgia in the United States, recently took out adult toys on the beach to “enjoy herself.” Christina originally thought she was unconscious, but she still behaved exaggeratedly. The tourists on the side were stunned. In just a few minutes, Christina was arrested by the police despite her physical and mental satisfaction.

according to”Daily mail“The report pointed out that when Christina went to a beach in Georgia on the evening of July 1st, she suddenly felt “embarrassed”, so she secretly took out the adult toys she carried with her from her bag and was on the beach. Started to be self-satisfied. The whole process lasted about 5 minutes, until someone approached Christina, he stopped his actions, packed his things and left the beach.

And Christina’s exaggerated behavior was still filmed by the people on the side with mobile phones, and even notified the police afterwards. The photographer also stated that he clearly saw Christina taking out the toy and putting it between her legs. During the period, she could even hear Christina groaning. Later, the police also arrested him in a nearby restaurant based on the videos and clues provided by the public. Christina.

Christina said that he did masturbate openly on the beach, but he thought that “no one saw it” because besides covering it with a towel, it took him only 20 seconds to reach an orgasm, and he didn’t expect anyone to be there at all. Witness the whole process. And Christina is also about to face prosecution for blatant indecency because of her uncontrollable behavior.


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