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U15 World Cup” China’s 1-hit was dunked by the United States in 5 innings

by archyde

[Special correspondent Wang Wanling reports]The Chinese national team went to Mexico to participate in the U15 World Youth Baseball Championship. Today (3rd), they faced the United States in the third game of the semi-finals. Due to poor shooting performance, they were dunked 0-10 five innings ahead of schedule. However, the chances of winning the championship are small, and the next battle will be against Panama at 1:30 a.m. Taiwan time on September 4.

After the Chinese team entered the super round robin, they beat Puerto Rico and Japan in a row. They played against the United States today. The US innings scored all points. At the beginning of the game, they hit base with two consecutive hits. RBI hits, followed by a double play to score a run.

The United States continued to attack in the 2nd inning, using 2 hits to win the next game. After relying on walks and making mistakes in 3 innings, Short John rammed a deep shot in the middle field. James Coy hit a double and scored again. After 2 outs, he added points with a pitcher foul. In the 5th inning, the Chinese team made two walks at the beginning. The shortstop made a mistake and scored 2 points to end the game.

The United States knocked out 8 hits in the whole game, relying on the five pitchers of the Chinese team to make 8 walks to create offensive, Jian Shaoen lost 3 points in 1 inning, Ye Hongren lost 3 points in 1.2 innings, Jiang Lien lost 2 points in 1 inning, Yu Yancheng 0.1 innings dropped 2 points (1 point self-blame), Cai Yujie is the only pitcher who has no points in 0.1 innings. The Chinese team hit the line only by Fu Junzhi’s only hit, which was suppressed by the opponent’s starting pitcher.

Zeng Weicheng, head coach of the Chinese team, said that today’s attack was suppressed by the opponent, and the opponent’s starting pitcher had a good tail end, and the opponent’s innings scored, which also affected the offense to some extent. , The daily task of athletes is to win and lose, how to face winning and losing, and tomorrow they will still try their best to win and strive for the best results.”

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