UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight Fabric mask for exercise. Lighter. High protection efficiency.

Under Armor Introduces UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight The latest fabric mask for exercise, lighter, more effective in protection. Arrived in Thailand!

mask or cloth mask It is still an important item in the current time of the Covid-19 epidemic situation. unsolved In addition to avoiding leaving the house when it is not necessary. Wearing a hygienic mask or a standard fabric mask every time you leave the house or in public areas. together with social distancing It is an important measure that helps reduce the spread and prevent infection with COVID-19. effectively

However, even during this difficult time Many athletes still need to train to stay fit. or even to achieve the goals set Having the right cloth masks or masks is an important help in enabling athletes to follow the path to that goal in a safe and socially responsible way.

Under Armor understands the needs of athletes very well. therefore determined to develop UA SPORTS MASK Featherweight Fabric mask for exercise that’s lighter than ever. Building on the success of the UA SPORTS MASK fabric mask that was launched in 2020, the highlight is a fabric mask that is specifically designed for sports or exercise. Under Armour’s innovation team has come up with a fabric mask that is reusable, waterproof and designed to breathe better. Reduce the spread of aerosols from the wearer’s respiratory system.

UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight

Under Armor has taken feedback from the first cloth mask wearers to develop and improve the UA SPORTS MASK Featherweight fabric mask. This newest version is even better. It is 40% lighter than the original, slim form. And comes with a soft, comfortable ear strap that makes it comfortable to wear all day. The top of the mask has a fabric cover that can be adjusted to fit the nose. making it possible to wear it snugly Reduce air leaks to the top of the eye. Reduces fogging for people who wear glasses. The UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight Mask can also be washed, dried and reused up to 30 times, making it more environmentally friendly than disposable masks.

UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight Still outstanding features of the first UA SPORTS MASK is that it has 3 layers according to the recommendations on the cloth mask of the World Health Organization.

  • floor 1 – Spacer (Spacer Fabric) is lightweight but still able to maintain the shape of the air channel. therefore not attaching to the mouth and nose Helps to breathe more easily
  • floor 2 – Open Cell Foam (Open-Cell Foam) Mid-layer foam that breathes well. but does not allow moisture or sweat to spread.
  • floor 3-UA ISO-CHILL The fabric layer that makes you feel cool when it comes in contact with your face. flexible and manufactured from PROTX2™ technology, a technology that inhibits microbial and bacteria formation on non-metallic objects. Keep the mask clean like new always.

The UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight Cloth Mask is now available for purchase at Under Armor Brand House (in our usual branches) or online at the website. From today onwards at a price of only 790 baht.

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