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Aguascalientes, Ags.-One of the main projects that the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes has carried out as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the loan of computer equipment and support with data packages for its students. This is so that a considerable number of students access the necessary conditions in terms of technological tools to attend the Institutional Distance Education Program (PIED).

For this new 2021 call, a total of 466 students from the various Academic Centers of the UAA accessed the loan of a computer equipment, 79 more than in the previous call. The delivery of said support began on Monday, January 25, and is still in process.

One of the beneficiaries of the program, the university student Daniel Franco, a student in the eighth semester of the Bachelor of Urban Planning at the UAA, highlighted that this initiative, in his particular case, has allowed him to make the best use of the contents that are taught to him . Mainly, because their profession requires a particular training in the management of different software that without the appropriate computer equipment would be unfeasible to use.

Likewise, he stressed that the dynamics of the PIED has required a remarkable capacity to adapt, since from its mandatory application in attention to social distancing measures, they have had to modify their daily dynamics both in class and in studies. However, thanks to the virtual platforms that the institution has and the coordination they have had with the professors, a remarkable evolution has been achieved compared to the first weeks of remote classes.

Finally, he commented that this is the first time that he has participated in said call, highlighting that it was a fairly simple procedure, since in a short time he was able to complete the application under the guidelines that the Autonomous of Aguascalientes has stipulated, to later receive the team and make use of it.

Thus, the UAA maintains its commitment to its university community by generating various strategies that have a direct impact on their distance training.

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