UAE approves new drug against Kovid

Abu Dhabi: UAE approves new drug Sotrovimab against Kovid. Permission to use for emergency purposes. The UAE is the first country in the world to approve this drug.

Accelerating healing, this drug can reduce the patient’s intensive care unit by 85%. UAE Minister of Health and Prevention Abdul Rahman Al Owais said there would be a significant reduction in Kovid deaths as well.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has successfully tested a drug manufactured by British drugmaker Gloxo Smith Line on 583 people.

The test results show that the drug can work effectively against new variants of Kovid.

Know the action

It is a synthetic (monoclonal) injection of antibodies produced by the body to destroy germs. Injecting in this way quickly destroys the germs and restores the immune system and the patient overcomes the danger.

Anyone can be injected

The drug can be applied to people with serious illness above 12 years of age. Get rid of the disease within 24 hours. The Ministry of Health has also issued new guidelines on the use of Sotrovimab and referral of patients to receiving centers.

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