UAE-Cambodia SEPA Agreement: Enhancing Non-Oil Trade – Latest News and Updates

2023-06-10 04:13:33

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Dubai: Comprehensive Trade Cooperation Agreement (CEPA) with Cambodia UAE Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen as witness to UAE Foreign Affairs R. Secretary Dr. Thani Bin Ahmed Al Sayoudi and Cambodian Minister of Commerce Pan Sorasaku He signed the contract. Trade in non-oil products between the two countries has doubled. Yaqan targets deal high on UAE’s foreign trade agenda Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Sayoudi said that it is not the time of day. is

Trade between the two kingdoms as the agreement becomes a reality Strengthen and thereby create more opportunities Tumennum is considered. Efforts to eliminate or reduce import duties Both states will pass through Rari. Along with that, the trade barriers were removed and the global common market entered. Agreement to strengthen intervention for Tumati services That is the hope.

Bilateral trade ties with UAE strengthen in Arab world Cambodia is a continuing state. Bilateral trade between the U.S. and Cambodia is expected to reach $407 million in 2022. Conducted by A.E. Trade growth was 33 percent. In 2019, it is 28 percent. It has been five years since the bilateral relationship was further strengthened through the SEPA agreement. The aim is to increase Null’s business to one billion dollars.

News Summary – UAE-Cambodia SEPA Agreement

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