UASLP will hold International Congress of Medicine online

From June 9 to 12, the International Congress of Medicine will be held online, this time under the slogan Infectious Diseases “A fight against the invisible.” The holding of this Congress has been a tradition in the Faculty of Medicine for 20 years, always under the face-to-face modality, this time due to the health contingency it will be online.

Alejandro Ortiz Hernández, student of the Surgeon degree at the UASLP School of Medicine, commented that it fell on his colleagues and on him the holding of the 20th International Congress of Medicine focused on the topic of infectious diseases related to tiny beings that , Since the beginning of human history, they have caused a large number of pandemics, leading the population to remain in quarantine, the registration of a large number of human losses as was the case with the Black Death, the Spanish flu, currently the Covid -19.

“For us it is important to bring knowledge to medical students, residents, general practitioners, medical specialists, students from other areas of the health sciences, who wish to continue their training.”

The XX International Congress of Medicine will have the participation of speakers from different parts of the world, not only from Mexico, with an incredible trajectory and impact on infectious diseases. They chose to divide the program into modules to make the organization of their agenda accessible to attendees, with activities in the morning and afternoon.

Within the Congress, the Poster Contest will be held as a means of dissemination for the scientific community, related to the topic of infectious diseases and aimed at those interested in publicizing any research or review work. It will be sponsored by a publisher in Great Britain.

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