Uber fined $ 59 million for failing to report sexual harassment in the US

California authorities (USA) this Monday they fined the ride-sharing company Uber for not having facilitated the information they demanded of him regarding cases of sexual harassment, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

The newspaper, which had access to the document delivered by the California Public Services Commission to the company, reported that it also threatens Uber with forcing it to stop its operations in the state if it does not pay the penalty and provides the required information in a period of thirty days.

The company, for its part, publicly admits that it has not provided the required information, something that it justifies based on the protection of the privacy of victims of sexual harassment on Uber rides, a reasoning that has found the complicity of some associations of victims of this type of crime.

That it is the Californian government that now threatens to force Uber to cease operations is, at least, curious, since just a few months ago it was the company that threatened to stop operating in the state precisely as a weapon in their dispute with the Administration.

In early 2020, the California Legislature passed a law that required Uber and Lyft (and other companies in the so-called sharing economy) to classify your drivers as employees, which could skyrocket personnel costs of these two firms and question their business model.

The companies opposed the measure tooth and nail, were on the verge of ceasing their operations in California (where both are headquartered) and finally managed to convey the content of the law to the voters through a referendum held on November 3, in which they rejected that it be implemented according to its original wording and gave a victory to the companies.

Classifying their drivers as salaried employees rather than contractors (their current status) would mean for Uber and Lyft, among other things, must make them a contract, pay them a fixed salary and offer them benefits like health insurance, vacation and sick days.


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