Uber, Kapten… towards a VTC strike on March 6

The Intersyndicale Nationale VTC (INV) calls drivers to disconnect on March 6 from different applications such as Uber, Kapten, Marcel or Bolt to request better working conditions. A demonstration should take place that day in front of the Parisian premises of Uber.

At the origin of this conflict started in mid-November, the drivers had denounced a change in procedure which could if necessary suspend a driver in the event of repeated refusal of a race, depriving him de facto of work.

More generally, they are demanding a minimum price for a race but also a better relationship with the different platforms or a better redistribution of the price paid by the customer.

“It’s a precarious job, we need social protection”

According to a 2018 Kantar study, drivers would only receive 36% of the cost of a ride, once all charges and dues have been paid.

The 30,000 VTC drivers in France also denounce the presence of “false drivers” who use spoofed VTC cards. “It is a precarious job, we need social protection”, explains Brahim Ben Ali who coordinates the movement of hybrid bikes.

This independent status of VTC drivers or even bike deliverers linked to platforms is recurrent. Recently, the meal delivery platform Deliveroo was condemned for concealed work by being forced to reclassify a service contract as an employment contract, a first in France.

An approach that could be instrumental. In Lyon, 120 Uber drivers filed a request on January 31 to reclassify their contractual relationship with employees.

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