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Ubisoft delays ‘Rage of the Seas’ again until March 2023

by archyde

Skull and Bones

Been waiting for 4 years, thought it would be in November 8thdebut“War of the Furious Sea”(Skull and Bones), not surprisingly, bounced again.earlier Ubisoft It was announced that the game will be postponed to March 9, 2023. The reason for this is that based on technical tests and player feedback after early trials, the team “needs more time to polish the balance of the game to ensure the best experience.”

Originally unveiled at E3 2017, Battle of the Furious Sea was supposed to launch a year later. But as Ubisoft’s ambitions for the title grew, the development time was endlessly stretched. One more delay, and players who have been waiting for this game may have become accustomed to it. Ubisoft said that it will share more details of the beta test in the future. All in all, everyone can calm down and wait.

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