Ubisoft renamed “Rainbow Six” the new title “Evacuation from the restricted area”


When Ubisoft initially announced Rainbow Six Quarantine (Rainbow Six Quarantine) in 2019, it was obviously unpredictable that the new crown epidemic would cover the world in the next two years. Under such a major premise, the word “isolation” may seem a bit dazzling to many people. So at the investor meeting in February, Ubisoft revealed that it plans to change the name of the work.The original official plan was in the early morning of June 13th Ubisoft Forward The new name was announced at the event. But they didn’t expect that they couldn’t hold their breath in the end and officially released “Rainbow Six: Evacuate the restricted area“(Rainbow Six Extraction) this name.

According to the official introduction, “Evacuation from the restricted area” is based on the Outbreak mode of “Rainbow Six Siege” (Rainbow Six Siege). Players need to repel alien aliens in the game, the keyword is “evacuation”, and you must remember that you must never give up your teammates during the whole process. More details of the work will be revealed in the event a few days later, when Ubisoft will also bring the game’s first live demonstration.

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