Ubisoft unveils The Division: Dawn, the first mobile game in The Division series | 4Gamers

Ubisoft released a new mobile game today (7th), based on the well-known cooperative shooter “The Division”.

“The Division: Dawn”.

The Division: Dawn is a free third-person role-playing shooter set in an original large urban open world. According to Ubisoft, the game provides a high-quality 3A experience tailored for mobile devices, and provides many new content in the form of a brand-new work: storylines, occupations, and enemy factions.

The storyline takes place in the post-crisis period of contemporary America, where the virus outbreak creates chaos and the government collapses with it. As a Homeland Strategy agent, your mission is to restore order, protect civilians from hostile forces, and help them build a better future.

The Division: Dawn offers a new campaign separate from The Division and The Division 2, allowing players to experience key story events from a new perspective.




The game content of “The Division: Dawn” currently seems to be the same as the original game. It focuses on exploring the open world and playing various PvE content in single or multiplayer cooperative mode. Players also need to loot, craft, transform and upgrade equipment to fight against enemies.

The Division: Dawn is expected to launch on iOS and Android in 2023. The official registration is open today, and there is a chance to participate in the closed ALPHA test.


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